The final painting of the transformed window series

I made a series of large paintings “ the Window” series . A Window upon . A Window to drift . A Window to reflect and the Window of the palm ( hand of Fatima

These were displayed at the Manawatu Art Gallery in 2002

A Window to drift
The surfacing of the red phone
A Window upon
Window to reflect

One sold . The window series not complete anymore , I decided to overwork them and change the from Mono grammatical into colour

Currently I am changing these paintings around . They were a series of five paintings . They were exhibited at Te Manawa some years ago and traveled after to the Taupo art Gallery . The series is not complete anymore .

Giving the paintings a different appearance.

The works are on loose canvas and 6 x5 feet

A Window to drift

The Pilgrimage

This series of pastels to express an account of my life at this stage

The Pilgrimage

Surfacing of the Ghost turtle
Ghosts and spirits are for the living

It is a reflection on my life . Also trying to develop a form of shorthand in creating . Hereby summing up the Essenes of an idea

It is amazing observing one’s creativity and questioning. How much I creat or it create me .

The feeling is kind of haunting. Where I meet myself in unexpected places

Eagle and other symbols on my platter
Creatures from my lolly shop
A fog in the mountains
Trouble in the camouflage
In the wake of my mind
A head will Roll
I had a quiet crossing . With a presence of wisdom

About artist

Robert Franken

  To me, the process of painting is a journey and the actual painting, when finished, holds the key to the next one. I hope to intertwine being an artist with whatever I do or think, and thereby meet myself in unexpected places. It is my concern to act upon what I really know and screen out that which I have gathered over the years and which is not really mine.
This, I guess, will be a continuous journey Robèrt Franken,