Oil Paintings

Studio   In preparation for my exhibition at the Art Gallery In Taupo

Glass engraving

Engraving Glass 2005


The King and the Fool   360 pdi Oil paint and pastel 1986

Pen drawings

Series of pointalism pendrawings 1972 75


Joint exhibition Anneke Borren and Robert Franken 033


Qiult.When dreams come to visit.Pataka 04-1


1982  A Grasp of Wind Russell Campbell [Producer] and Robèrt Franken [Writer & Director] Shown at the Wellington Film Festival, Commonwealth Film Festival [Brisbane] and the Short Movie Festival [Japan] 

1988  Kaleidoscope[10 April 1988] Howard Taylor [Director/Producer] 


1989 -Workshop, Nelson Polytechnic

1990 -Summer School, Wanganui Night classes, Academy of Fine Arts

1991 -Summer School, Wanganui

1991 -Workshop, Nanjang Technological University, Singapore Night classes, Academy of Fine Arts

1992 -Night classes, Academy of Fine Arts

1993 -Night classes, Inverlochy House

1994 -Night classes, Inverlochy House Master Class Workshop, Whitireia Polytechnic

1995 -Night classes, Inverlochy House Workshop, The Learning Connexion

 1996 -Block courses, The Learning Connexion Night classes, Inverlochy House Night classes, Inverlochy House

1996 to ‘2003 -The Learning connexion

1996 to 2019 The Learning connexion Artist in residence and Mentor

2009 -Summer school Whitireia Polytechnic Paraparaumu 

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