Glass engraving

Glass engraving

Studio. Start of a glass engraving Hand Basin 2008
Hand basin, 2008
Washing basin engraving on Glass 2008 studio (3)
Washing basin, 2008
Vaginae Jar 003Glass engraving 2007 (8)
Vaginae Jar, 2007
The onlooker . Bowl .Bought by Bruce Nigol 2007
The onlooker, 2007
Candle Bowl  glass engraving 2007
Candle bow, 2007
Exhibition at Anneke Borren , Glass bowls 2006
Exhibition at Anneke Borren, 2006
Prana. 2005 glass engraving
Prana. 2005
Portrait of Malcha. Talking with the past 2005 glass engraving
Portrait of Malcha, talking with the past, 2005
Journey of a hummingbird 2005 Glass engraving (3)
Journey of a hummingbird, 2005
Door for a sound systeme The coming of dawn .glass engraving Las Vegas 2005
Door for a sound system – The coming of the dawn 2005
Commission Glass engraving Las Vegas glass engraving 2005
Commission – Las Vegas. 2005
Detail Glass engraving  with gold leaf 2005
With gold leave, 2005
As seen through the mouth of a groper .glass engraving 2004
As seen through the mouth of groper, 2004

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The final painting of the transformed window series

I made a series of large paintings “ the Window” series . A Window upon . A Window to drift . A Window to reflect and the Window of the palm ( hand of Fatima

These were displayed at the Manawatu Art Gallery in 2002

A Window to drift
The surfacing of the red phone
A Window upon
Window to reflect

One sold . The window series not complete anymore , I decided to overwork them and change the from Mono grammatical into colour

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