The Pilgrimage

This series of pastels to express an account of my life at this stage

The Pilgrimage

Surfacing of the Ghost turtle
Ghosts and spirits are for the living

It is a reflection on my life . Also trying to develop a form of shorthand in creating . Hereby summing up the Essenes of an idea

It is amazing observing one’s creativity and questioning. How much I creat or it create me .

The feeling is kind of haunting. Where I meet myself in unexpected places

Eagle and other symbols on my platter
Creatures from my lolly shop
A fog in the mountains
Trouble in the camouflage
In the wake of my mind
A head will Roll
I had a quiet crossing . With a presence of wisdom
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About Robert Franken

Artist , Paintings , Glass engravings ,Pastels , Charcoal ,Aquarelle, Textiles I also work on commissions, if it is in line with my style of work Also resident artist at the Learning Connextion . Exhibited in Japan , Switzerland, The Netherlands, Australia, China , New Zealand.

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